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Memories and snapshots from the life of John Avis

John Minton - Pencil 1948/9
John Avis by John Minton Pencil 1948
Sketchbook Drawing - John Minton
Westminster Bridge - Woodcut
Draft Letter of Application
Addressed To John At The Slade 1951
Brother, Father, and Mother (Avis)
Samuela Avis
College Notes
JAAvis_New Phineas magazine nude
JAAvis_New Phineas mag cover
Bedroom View, Durand Gardens
London Street - Sketchbook
John Avis
John & Austin 1959
John Avis Self Portrait Ink 1957
In Hospital
On Brighton Front
Birthday Card
Daffodils And Telephone
Simon & Tallis
Bedford Dormobile
Painting Exhibit Label
'A Keeper's Tale' 1962
Book Illustration Proof Prints
Ghana Life Illustration
Fishermen In Ghana
The Road To Kumasi
Katerina Julie
Katey & Arthur 1970_edited
The Victoria Falls
JAAvis_Zambia Painting_Article_888
JAAvis_The Beacon CU
Doncaster Station View
The Lovers Doncaster Arndale - 1977
Hatfield Colliery Pithead
Sheffield Derby - Hillsborough - August 9 1980
John and Parrot - 1978
George Melly - Chelsea - 'Hi John'
'For John' - Life Drawing by William Mills, Chelsea School Of Art 1982
Italy Landscape
Gordon Davies & Gerald Norden
Nerja Beach Shade
Susan Sunbathing In Nerja
Tina Turner At Wembley
River South Wales
Wood Clearing, South Wales
Dry River Bed, South Wales
Breakwater, Eastbourne
Eastbourne Westward To Beachy Head
West of Eastbourne
Breakwater Study Sketch
Fiji Beach
John's Easel
John Avis
Studio Mirror
Studio Detail
John Avis
Susan's Palette
Studio Shed
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